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WeiQi Chinese Chess screenshot

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WeiQi Chinese Chess

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WeiQi 围棋 (Chinese Surround Chess) or Go was created a few thousand years ago in China, hence the oldest Chinese Chess game. This strategic board game has been played by many Asian historical figures since. It can be addicting; however, like many chess games, WeiQi improves the player's mind. The game has simple rules and uses only black and white stones and the board. The first player places a black stone. Then, the other player places a white stone. Both players take turns. If stones of the same color are surrounded, they are to be removed. The winner is determined by their number of stones plus number of captured spaces. For details, please visit how to play WeiQi Chess.

To begin Virtual WeiQi game, click on the chess board to place black or white stone. The stone color will alternate, signaling a different player's turn. When a new stone is placed, all captured stones of opposite color will be removed automatically.


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