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Like Humage on Facebook Follow Humage on Twitter Follow Humage on Google+ Join Humage on LinkedIn Follow Humage on Pinterest Follow Humage on Youtube Subscribe to Humage RSS feeds is a website that offers free online educational games for any visitors. No download or installation necessary. No Adobe Flash or plugins needed. No pop-up ads. Simply visit the page on any major browser and play games freely without pressure or competition, yet remain anonymous. Your privacy will be valued and respected.

These online games are designed to be free and simple, yet educational and fun. They run on desktop browsers as well as on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android. They can look and feel like mobile apps by utilizing maximum screen.

If you can think of any educational game you would like to play, please feel free to contact me. And, any suggestion for improvement is welcome.

Hope everybody enjoys!

About Calvin

As a programmer, I like to write code rather than write words. My areas of expertise include:

  • Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS, MySQL
  • HTML5 and Mobile Web
  • Web Programming & Designing
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Math and Programming
  • Advanced SQL queries
  • SQL Data analysis
  • Computer Algorithms
  • Game Programming
  • 3-D Computer Graphics
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Networking & Security

In addition, my computer skills include: HTML5 Canvas, C++, C#, Java, Google Maps, XML, JSON, AJAX, SEO, OpenGL, DirectX, jQuery Mobile, Google Maps, Photoshop.

I believe in sharing knowledge and creating stress-free environment without much competition. Also, I value privacy above all.