8 reasons why you should teach kids WeiQi/Go chess

Instead of teaching children to learn programming, parents should encourage their kids to learn WeiQi. Here are the reasons for teaching their kids WeiQi:

  • Because it is very easy to learn and teach children. The rules are clear and simple.
  • Because it encourages divergent thinking. Solution is not always direct, as you can win the WeiQi chess by attacking directly.
  • Because it trains the mind to plan long-term strategies, while making every move with care.
  • Because it teaches disclipline. Even though WeiQi is easy to get started, it takes a lifetime to master.
  • Because it builds patience, because a WeiQi game takes a long time to play out.
  • Because it enhances pattern recognition. Successful people recognize patterns earlier than the untrained and take steps that lead to opportunites.
  • Because it keeps children away from addicting violent or meaningless video games.