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Read famous quotes and blogs while honing your typing skills

Besides major news, you can now read and type up famous quotes, blogs, or other RSS Feeds.

More » — Thu, Apr 12 2012

Button added for LONER Elimination Technique in online jQuery Sudoku program

Simply click on the button for Loner to find Loners and eliminate candidate numbers.

More » — Tue, Feb 7 2012

1st Video on playing Virtual Playing Cards uploaded to YouTube

Check it out! A simple video tutorial on using and playing Virtual Playing Cards has been uploaded to YouTube.

More » — Thu, Jan 19 2012

Button added to deal Virtual Playing Cards to 4 virtual locations or players

The "Deal Cards" button can be clicked to deal the virtual playing cards to 4 locations or players.

More » — Sun, Jan 15 2012

Virtual Playing Cards can be rotated like the real ones

Finally, you can rotate the virtual playing cards to your liking. It is accomplished by using CSS Transform and jQuery. Non-supported browsers, such as IE 8, will not allow rotation.

More » — Thu, Jan 12 2012

Buttons added for Elimination Techniques (CRME, Only Candidate) in online jQuery Sudoku program

Simply click on the button for CRME, or Only Candidate a few times to eliminate candidates and get closer to the answer to your Sudoku puzzle. More Elimination Techniques will be added soon.

More » — Fri, Jan 6 2012

Joined Facebook & other Social Networking Sites

Signed up and joined Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ — the BIG 4.

More » — Sat, Dec 3 2011

Option for left-clicking for number in Sudoku entries

After checking in the box for the option in Sudoku, you may click to bring out a context menu and select a number. Right-clicking also brings out the context menu with numbers. When left-clicking is prefered over right-clicking to input numbers without using keyboard, this option can be used.

More » — Fri, Dec 2 2011

PRINT button added for Sudoku program

Print yourself a Sudoku puzzle, so you can solve it on a piece of paper at your convenience.

More » — Thu, Dec 1 2011

Level of Difficulty can be selected on Sudoku program

Select easy, medium or hard level for your Sudoku puzzle.

More » — Sun, Nov 13 2011

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