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Virtual Playing Cards can now be flipped

Due to single- and double-clicking issues across some browsers, double-clicking on a card did not flip it. The fix was implemented according to the solution by Jacek Becela. The major difference is that the click event is replaced with the mousedown event.

Tested across some major browsers. It worked on Chrome. Previously, Chrome was the only browser not working fully on Windows.

Thank you for reporting the problem.

More » — Sat, Oct 29 2011

Access Keys added for easy keyboard access

Simply press Alt + SHIFT on Windows and the key which is underlined to jump to the corresponding button or link and activate it. Keys to press are different on different browsers and Operating System. For example, use CTR + OPT on Mac.

More » — Fri, Oct 28 2011

Online Typing program available to learn typing while reading news

Learn to type. Online Typing program measures and displays your typing speed in words per minute. It is educational. You may read major news while typing up the news. The program, as usual, are programmed in jQuery and Javascript. All online games do NOT require any download or program (e.g., Adobe Flash) installed.

More » — Sat, Jul 2 2011

Virtual Playing Cards working well

Started working on Virtual Playing Cards, programmed in jQuery and Javascript. Images of the Playing Cards are borrowed from SVG-cards. Some card games like Poker can be played with these virtual playing cards.

More » — Tue, Mar 29 2011

Online Sudoku program just got added tons of features

Been adding a lot of features to online Sudoku program by using jQuery, Javascript, and CSS. This online program can solve any 2-by-2 or 3-by-3 Sudoku puzzle. A 4-by-4 or 5-by-5 puzzle takes longer than browser's time limit. New puzzles are fetched from the database via AJAX, but not generated programmatically. Puzzles are generated by the C# offline Sudoku program and stored into the database.

More » — Sat, Feb 12 2011

C# Sudoku program can be downloaded and played offline

Programmed in C# to create an offline Sudoku program that can generate and solve puzzles locally. Candidate lists are added and can be edited for easy elimination in order to solve puzzle manually.

More » — Tue, Feb 1 2011

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